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Apr 05, 2014 The clock is a Seth Thomas 124. It has never worked perfectly but Grandpa was always there to fix it. He passed away about four years ago. I brought it to a local clock repairman two years ago and it ran for a few weeks and then stopped again. The clock is very sentimental to me and I have decided I would like to figure out how to fix it on my own.Seth Thomas rebuilt movements and various parts for wall and mantel clocks seth thomas chime clock repair

In 1956, Seth Thomas discontinued manufacturing the No. 124 movement, and began importing Hermle chime clock movements from Germany. Hermle is still making clock movements today. The best repair procedure is movement replacement, which can be done for around 565 700 for many mantel clocks.

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Seth Thomas is one of the oldest American clock makers. Founded in Connecticut in 1813, the company produced a variety of large and small mechanical clocks throughout the 19th century. Seth Thomas mantel clocks, originally displayed on fireplace mantels, are shelftop timepieces. When a Seth Thomas clock stops it must be reset.

Bills Clockworks repairs antique Seth Thomas clocks. We give a two year warranty on windup clock repair. We located in Flora, Indiana (about an hour north of Indianapolis). Besides local repair work, we are happy to have smaller clocks shipped to us for repair (such as mantel clocks and smaller shelf clocks).

Mar 03, 2016 This is the easiest way to properly clean your clock movement, short of a disassembly. and you may save yourself the time and money from taking it to a clock repair shop. Seth Thomas chime

Nov 09, 2015 The Seth Thomas Sonora chime clock movements, as seen through the back of a clock. IIf your clock is striking the wrong hour, momentarily press down on the upper lever (A) to trigger the strike. Repeat until the clock has reached the desired hour.

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