Interactive analogue clock with second hand

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Aug 18, 2009 Two interactive whiteboard resources for teaching the time using an analogue clock. While there are a number of IWB clocks available on the internet this one is an attempt to create a more useful method to set the clock in class question and answer sessions.Analog and Digital Clocks Animation. You can change the time by moving the hour and minute hands of the analog clock. . Try setting the time to these different values: One Thirty; 3: 21; Quarter to Twelve interactive analogue clock with second hand

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Interactive analogue clock with second hand free

With this interactive clock, you can show children how to tell time either from an analog or digital clock. You can limit the clock to show time to the half hour, to the quarter hour, to 10, 5, or 1 minute. The button Generate random time is useful when practicing telling time with students.

Interactive Clock Telling Time. Good heavens! Look at the time! Teach your students how to tell time with this colorful interactive teaching clock. Learn about hours and minutes by dragging the movable hands on the analog clock with each minute marked on an outer ring.

A Free Online Clock But with a nice smooth seconds hand! Smooth seconds are usally seen on more expensive timepieces. Free, Easy To Use Full Screen Online Clock!

Visnos Interactive clock. Simple to teach telling the time using a colourful classroom analog clock. Show equivalent digital clock time. Step by step learn about hours, minutes and seconds. Simply click and drag the movable hands. The clock can also be used to teach about fractions and angles.

Exact time analog clock for your time zone. Precision of the needle can be seen next to the clock. Secondhand always jumps on the beginning of the second (most of the analog clocks on websites and in applications works rounded to 1 sec precision, and secondhand moves every second from moment when page is loaded, but that moment can be in

Online Clock! This is our FULLSCREEN Clock with a smooth running seconds hand. Download or use online, this is perfect for meetings, classrooms, or you only want to see a timer.

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Mar 02, 2012 Simple analog clock seconds clock hand A simple animation with seconds clock hand made with photoshop cs4. seconds clock hand A simple animation with seconds clock hand made with photoshop

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