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May 04, 2008  Best Answer: Land back in the Clock Tower area. The clock face shows a certain time, and a corresponding door will open up according to what time it is. The time is determined by what the ingame clock says. The door above the clock should be lit up. Open itSep 16, 2002 Every hour into your game play, like, 72: 35(doesn't matter the# ) or whatever, if you're at the clock tower when your 72: 35 turns eventually to 73: 00 You'll get an item. The item depends on what time it is at the clock tower. (112 'o clock) The later it is, (ex. 11 'o clock) The better the item. kingdom hearts 1 clock tower doors

If you fly to the very top of the tower, you should notice many doors on all sides of the tower. 1)Speak to Wendy to learn about a faulty clock. 2)Get Dalmatians 43,

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Jul 26, 2016 Kingdom Hearts HD 1. 5 Remix Wiki Guide Table of Contents. She'll say you need to go to the clock tower. When you get there, you'll battle Phantom. at the exact hour one of the doors will

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Dec 02, 2005 re: Clock Tower Doors Actually, I found out that it is a little faster than actual time. For instance, if in actual time, you spend 15 minutes somewhere else, than about a half hour will pass on

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