Dark rock pro 3 overclocking

2020-01-21 04:52

Jun 26, 2014  be quiet! Dark Rock 3 Introduction: Be quiet! is one of Germany's top manufacturers of power supplies and is well known outside the US, but is looking to break into the US market with a full line of power supplies and high end air cooling solutions, including the Dark Rock and Shadow RockNov 09, 2017 I am planning to overclock the 8700k to about 4. 7 or 4. 8Ghz on all 6 cores. Would a Be Quiet Dark Rock 3 sufficient to make the above described work? Due to size and weight I prefer it over the Dark Rock 3 Pro or the Noctua NH15. Test show only a 1 to 2 degrees difference between the Dark Rock 3 and the Pro. What are your thoughts? dark rock pro 3 overclocking

Jan 16, 2014  Would love to see some results vs the Dark Rock Pro 2, I'm assuming there is only about a 23 degree difference. [Official Dell U2713HM: 2560x1440

Dark rock pro 3 overclocking free

be quiet! released their new flagship cooler, the Dark Rock Pro 3. Improving upon its predecessor, it is quieter, lighter, and just as stylish. With solid cooling performance and the best noise profile to date for a highend air cooler, the Dark Rock Pro 3 sets the bar when it comes to performance versus noise.

Sep 08, 2016 The BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3 is a Monolithic dual tower cooler fit for Overclocking to the max on air and keeping the PC quiet while doing so.

We review another be quiet! Dark Rock series cooler, this is the PRO 4 CPU Cooler. Again with totally black looks the flagship cooler comes with two radiators, two fans and takes up that cooling pe

Jun 10, 2016 Didnt know the dark rock pro 3 handled overclocks that bad, i actually bought it thinking it goes toe to toe with watercooling equip, but thats just me having wrong expectations: P nice review red, well written and super information all around! i like the pics

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Feb 02, 2018 I am currently running at 4. 9Ghz at 1. 30V with Dark Rock Pro 3 and my average temps are around 60 degrees and spike max at 75. I did not delid the CPU, mine is cooler maybe because it's not i7 or something, but I can say 4. 9Ghz at 1. 30V with i k partnered with DRP3 will be a great combination with temperatures below 80 degrees.

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