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Sep 10, 2018 It has a few nicks, but seems to be running well and sounds decent. I see 14 and 21day Seikoshas online, but any 30day clock seems to bear the Seiko logo rather than Seikosha. This makes me think they may have progressed chronologically in making 14, then 21, then 30day clocks. Can anyone narrow down the age? My guess is 60's or maybe 70's.Antique regulator clock: A regulator clock, usually made of wood, is an antique vintage timepiece that is wall mounted and driven by a swinging pendulum. Separate clock mechanisms drive the wall clock hands for the minutes and hours. old seikosha clocks

Antique Clocks. This can stem from a fascination with the inner workings of mechanical gadgets, a optimism in the growing worth of antique clocks, or preoccupation with objects that provide a window to the past. It can even be a combination of all three. Followers of antique clock auctions know that the market value and interest in certain timepieces

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Schoolhouse Wall Clocks. These Schoolhouse clocks were the standard design for early school houses because of their larger, easy to read dials. Schoolhouse wall clocks usually are finished in Oak with an octagonal wall clock frame around the dial with a drop front and a swinging pendulum behind the glass.

Antique Seikosha Brass& Metal Adjustable Wall Clock Pendulum Tokyo, Japan Parts

Japanese Seikosha Clock Co. Schoolhouse Style Wall Clock, circa 1890: Japanese shelf clock, circa 1900: Jerome and Co. Rosewood Cased Shelf Clock, Circa 1870: Jerome and Co. Walnut Shelf Clock, The Rhine ; circa 1879: Jerome Lever Wall Clock Rosewood Case: Jeweler's Regulator Wall Clock, Circa 1875: Junghans 8Day Wall Vienna Regulator Style Clock. circa 1902

Antique Japanese Seikosha Key Wind Wall Clock Gorgeous vintage wooden key wind wall clock made by Seikosha of Tokyo, Japan. Has small door on front that reveals pendulum and

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1892 Seikosha is established in Tokyo as the clock manufacturing arm of K. Hattori. 1917 K. Hattori becomes a company (K. Hattori& Co. , Ltd. ). 1937 The watch production division of Seikosha is split off as Daini Seikosha Co. , Ltd. (, literally The Second Seikosha).

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