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The BT Speaking Clock receives around 70 million calls a year. A separate, nonBT service to access a speaking clock using the voice of Pat Simmons, is available at 0871 976 2819. However, the number of calls it can receive at any one time is limited.Speaking Clock Ireland Reviews: If you're looking for Speaking Clock Ireland. Get Cheap Speaking Clock Ireland for Best deal Now! ! irish speaking clock number

Mar 03, 2006 Back in the days when I worked in the Orange (tm) Directory enquiries call centre, we were told by management that we were the speaking clock and to give the people the time if they asked for the speaking clock number.

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Mobile phone numbers in Ireland have their own voicemail number. To access this, the number 5 should be put after the prefix. For example, the mobile number 08X 123 4567, its voicemail number would be 08X 5 123 4567.

THE SPEAKING CLOCK the service that has told callers the time for decades has officially shut down today. Although it has experienced a great reduction in demand in recent years, Ireland

May 10, 2010  The 1191 speaking clock costs 20. 6c for the first minute, which would indicate that Eircom makes about 420 (365) a year from the oncemighty service.

Aug 27, 2018 Time is up for Ireland's Speaking Clock, as the service ceased this morning after almost 50 years. The 1191 number had seen a steady decline in calls in recent years. The format used was a message at 10 second intervals, which told callers: At the signal it will be, HH: MM and XX seconds followed by a beep.

Aug 11, 2012  Midnight and Noon. Midnight and middaynoon are special cases. You can, of course, just say T s a d dhag (its twelve oclock), but if you want to specify midnight or noon, you have to use a slightly different construction.

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Aug 27, 2018 The 1191 number has been officially shut down. Telecommunications company Eir has ended the service earlier today. The speaking clock, which customers rang via 1191 and were told the time, was stopped as there was a decline in use.

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