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Social classes: The ABCDE system The population in Brazil general is divided into social classes who were already established in the early 50's during the economic boom. Marketers segmented the 190 million people living in Brazil, because the gap between poor and rich was and still is incredibly big and reveals different levels of social status.Brazil Social Classes. As a rule, there are as many females as males in schools, even at the highest levels, and professions that traditionally were dominated by males, such as law, medicine, dentistry, and engineering, are becoming more balanced in terms of gender, if there are not already more women students than men. brazilian social classes

The social class system in Brazil has been defined as consisting of an: Upper class, which is made up of the country's wealthiest and most elite; Middle class, service providers to the elite and wealthy; and. Lower class, the working poor, and unemployed.

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Upper Class In Brazil social hierarchy, the upper class belongs to the wealthy communities. In this class people are supposed to be white. In this class people are supposed to be white. In this community people are mainly investors, major landlords, business owners, doctors, highly qualified engineers, graduated professors, lawyers, politicians, directors, managers, etc.

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Social Classes. Brazil inherited a highly stratified society from the colonial system and from slavery, which persisted for nearly three generations after independence in 1822. The legacy of sharp socioeconomic stratification is reflected in Brazil's highly skewed income distribution, among the world's worst (see Inequality and Poverty, ch. 3).

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