Taking classes at community college for med school

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May 05, 2015 I m planning on taking some of my science classes (200level) at the community college over the summer. Do med schools look down on that? I don t want to take them at my university over the summer because of the extra expenses. Any thoughts? It would be classes like Physics, Genetics, Microbio and some CORE non sciences.Feb 13, 2012  How Medical Schools View Community College Credits If an applicant decides to take many premedical requirements at a community college because the courses taking classes at community college for med school

Deandre took the long road to medical school, starting from a community college. Listen to this podcast episode with the player above, or keep reading for the highlights and takeaway points. Deandres Journey from Community College to Medical School. Deandre shares with us his journey to med school, which certainly had a number of detours.

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If you take them at a community college, medical school admissions officers may conclude you wanted easier versions of these important subjects. Taking a few prerequisites at a community college may be acceptable. However, your medical school admissions office is the best source of information on where to take required classes. Grades, Grades

Jun 06, 2016 I think there are two things to consider with a CC. One, if you're planning to apply to an Ivy league med school, then CC may hurt you. However, if you're interested in a public school it's definitely not going to be the kiss of death some people

May 23, 2018  Applicants should avoid taking more than one or two prerequisite science courses during the summer and avoid taking them at community colleges. Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Program Admissions Requirements Icahn School of Medicine Q: Can I take my courses at a community college, or must I take them at a fouryear

Hi, I plan on taking chem at a community college over the summer. I am currently an undergrad at a 4 year school. My school will give me credit for the chem class but it will not incorporate that class's GPA into my cumulative GPA.

Both were very similar. My theory is that the school didnt like Davids community college classes and the fact that he didnt quit his fulltime job. Its impossible to know what medical schools are looking for, so you just need to do your best and hope that there will be a school that will take a chance on you! Want to share your story?

Whether or not you take core premed classes at a community college, youll have to present evidence on your application that youre capable of excelling in rigorous science courses. Just like your fellow premed students, youll need to show you can take a substantial course load and get good grades notwithstanding. A summer school

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A primary reason for initiating an undergraduate program in a community college is cost, which can run approximately 50 percent of public fouryear schools and 25 percent of private fouryear schools. For those interested in medical school, the important word is planning, which means taking the courses in community college that will transfer

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