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Hello everyone! . . Comel's Cakes n Cupcakes are now offering ComelPrint Edible Image Printing Service in Johor Bahru. . Hope, your cakes, cupcakes or even cookies are much more WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC. ONLY RM17. 00 per sheet, if u buy more than 5 sheets, we charge u at special rate RM16. 00 per sheet.One of the oldest and most revered bakeries in Johor Bahru, and has always been in brisk business despite the march of time and booming competitors. The nofrills interior, timeworn signboard, rack of metal tins, coalfired oven, and an amiable elderly man offers an experience of time travelling back before development kicked off. bakery classes in johor bahru

May 16, 2018 In order to give and maintain the quality of learning, the classes at EC Baking Lab are limited to four (4) students. Courses offered include handripped bread, Madeleine, fiveinch cakes, and Belgian Chocolate Heart Cake. Location: Eco Summer, Taman Ekoflora, Johor Bahru Click: 7 Artsy Workshop Classes to Channel Your Creativity

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Here are some baking class in Johor Bahru for you! The Meet Me Bake Academy The academy offers professional baking diploma and management course including professional certificates on bread, biscuits and cake decoration, coffee and flower and baking management.

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Baking Course in Johor Bahru TriPatisserie is a designer cake studio in Johor Bahru ( JB ), specialized in customized cake and baking classes courses. Home About Us

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