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All allies within 30 feet of the Scout who can see or hear the Scout can benefit from her full Trap Sense bonus (even if they already have this feature from another class). Also, the Scout can assist 1 ally per class level within 30 feet with covering up their tracks in natural surroundings as per the Master Tracker classFree Dungeons and Dragons NPC Classes play by post roleplaying D& D 3. 5 manual content for version 3. 5. The versions most Players in our Community tend to use Dungeons& Dragons 23. 5 although others may use higher versions. Search via our Community for: Dungeons and Dragons NPC Classes D& D 3. 5 PBP RPG Coded by: dungeons and dragons classes 3.5

In Dungeons& Dragons edition 3. 5, classes come in four possible types: View recent changes for all classes Back to Main Page 3. 5e Homebrew Add your own class to Dungeons& Dragons Wiki by clicking the link and following the instructions. Base Classes Prestige Classes Classes that you can

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