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I thought long and hard about how to classify my night at Stir. It wasn't quite a cooking class, but it was so far from being your typical restaurant night out (even a usual chef's table or tasting menu). So I'll abandon all hope of putting the proper label on it and just say that Stir was most likely my favorite dining experience in Boston.May 22, 2018 Return to Boston Food and Fun Blog Cooking Classes to Try in Boston. If that apron hanging in your kitchen is collecting dust, brush it off and tie it on with pride after checking out some of these topnotch cooking and baking classes that are offered in Boston. cooking classes boston stir

Best Cooking Classes In And Around Boston If youre looking to improve your skills in the kitchen or add new recipes to your repertoire, cooking classes are a great way to do both. To not mention youll also get a sneak peek behind the scenes in some of the best restaurants in Boston and enjoy a fun night out.

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In Boston, however, there are a number of solutions for those looking to elevate their cooking from gruel to gourmet. Whether youre a confident chef or a grilled cheese specialist, these innovative, intimate and effective cooking classes are sure to transform the way you cook. STIR

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Although these classes do not feature any structured cooking demonstrations, you will revel the opportunity to delve deep in discovery wine studies! Cookbook dinners are one of Stir's signature (and favorite! ) offerings. The team at Stir is constantly working with exciting cookbooks, whether new releases or old favorites, and the chefs relish

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