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Jun 21, 2013 The 4day Coachbuilding Metal Shaping class will focus on all the steps to taking a flat sheet of metal, learning all the different methods of shrinking stretching and planishing that metal and fitting that developed panel onto a buck. W elding, edge work, beading, detail work and surface quality are some of the other skill sets taught.Metal Shaping Course Established 2005 Where it all begins New course schedule has arrived for late summer, fall& winter 20 19 20 20. The most afforable class in North America Scroll down and check out the dates and print out copies of course. Description, Details& Registration forms. Signup early, classes fill quickly! metal shaping classes ny

Metal Working Classes Coming up in New York. 79 classes have spots left Deal During this 4 hour metal fabrication workshop, students will create a small scale coffee table. The instructor will guide you through welding, metal forming, and machine operation to construct the frame of your project. After the main frame of the project is

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Kingdom Metal Works specializes in customized metal shapingaluminum gas welding training classes. Our classes are ONE ON ONE INSTRUCTION, with complete hands on training. Classes include: Overview of the specific hand tools including hammers, dollies and slappers used in metal shaping and the types of metals used for specific jobs. Basic welding of sheet metal

With more than 35 years specialized experience in the fabrication and restoration of custom and vintage vehicles, The Hammer Works Metal Shaping courses will teach you tried and true methods and basic knowhow to set the foundation of your metal shaping goals.

May 01, 2010 Read on as we show you some basic techniques you can use to reshape and shape your metals from the comfort of your own home with basic metalshaping handtools. Only at www. hotrod. com, the official

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Learn from the master himself, Lars Jansson AKA Lazze (pronounced Lassie). Lazze has over 40 years experience in metal shaping and has educated others for over 20 years. Lazze makes learning to shape metal easy to understand with his Hands On classes and in Instruction manual books, On Demand Videos and a series of DVD videos.

The Hands on Classes in Metal Shaping started 1996 in Sweden, and about 1, 000 students from Europe have taken the classes before Lazze moved to USA 2005 and California. Totally it's probably around 3000 people from many different states and from many countries that had attend the classes.

This is where you can post information about opportunities for metal shaping gatherings or classes. List all relevant details including contact information, location, dates, and pricing (if relevant) Feel free to post or cross link to other sites if needed.

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About AAMS Our Mission Statement. The Academy for the Art of Metal Shaping is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational facility that teaches metal shaping and coachbuilding skill sets through a variety of long and shortform classes.

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