Change comment box color in excel

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In the Format Comment dialog box, change the comment appearance, including color, border, and margins: To display an image inside a comment, follow next steps: 1. Rightclick the cell and choose Edit Comment in the popup menu. 2. Rightclick the comment's border and choose Format Comment.Nov 10, 2018 Changing the Comment Color. Rightclick anywhere on the desktop and choose Personalize from the resulting Context menu. Windows displays the Personalization portion of the Click Window Color at the bottom of the window. Windows displays the Color and Appearance options for your display. Click change comment box color in excel

Change default font for comments in Windows 7. Press the Windows key M to go to your desktop. Right click anywhere on the desktop and choose Personalize. Click Window Color and click Advanced appearance settings. In the Window Color and Appearance box, under Item, pick ToolTip from the list.

Change comment box color in excel free

When adding a comment to a Word document, you will notice the comment comes with color. If more persons have comments on the same document, each person will have a different color for comments. The color is automatically assigned to you and will change from computer to computer when the document is shared by different people. If you do not like the color in the comment, you can use a

Sep 04, 2019 Question Info. Rightclick the border of the comment, then select Format Comment from the popup menu. Activate the Colors and Lines tab, then select a Fill color. If you meant the default background color for comments, that is determined by Windows, not by Excel. It is the color for tooltips; you could change this color

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Sep 12, 2006 Re: Changing Comment Box Color Hi, In a new spreadsheet, record a macro of you inserting a comment and whilst doing it, change the Fill colour on the Drawing toolbar. This should give you the code for you to hack apart. It's all covered pretty well in the Help files.

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