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Plautus' Amphitruo is the sole specimen of mythological burlesque in ancient comedy to come down to us in nearly complete form. This sex farce delighted Roman audiences and readers for centuries and continues to inspire adaptations to this day.Dec 25, 2013 This item: Amphitryo (Focus Classical Commentaries) (Latin and English Edition) by Plautus Paperback 19. 74 Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by Amazon. com. plautus amphitruo commentary

In Rome Plautus emphasized the divine birth of Heracles in his Amphitruo (ca. 200 B. C. : his only mythological comedy) and portrays Alcmena sympathetically as the object of the lust of Zeus (Jupiter) and Amphitryon. In Roman epic Heracles is important in Vergils Aeneid, where in Book 8 ( ) Evander describes his victory over Cacus

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Amphitryon, having accidentally slain Electryon, fled with his daughter Alcmena, who had been betrothed to him, to the court of Creon, King of Thebes. The brother of Alcmena having been slain by the Teleboans or Taphians, who inhabited certain islands on the coast of Acarnania, Amphitryon undertook an expedition against them, at the head of

Plautus' comedy Menaechmi was the main inspiration for Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors. In this edition Dr. Gratwick provides a newly constituted text, a commentary for students giving help with language and context, and an introduction that sheds new light on the interpretation of the play and on Plautus' place in the development of European comedy.

Nov 26, 2011 This is a review of David Christenson's commentary on Plautus's Amphitruo for the Cambridge green and yellow series. The Amphitruo is a highly exceptional play given that it is the sole example of a comic treatment of a story from GrecoRoman Mythology among Plautus's works.

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The god Mercury opens Plautus's Amphitryon with a prologue of the play's background events. Amphitryon and his slave Sosia are returning to their native city of Thebes following a long period

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