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Jan 30, 2011  Outspoken conservative Fox News contributor Liz Trotta trashed CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric during her weekly America's News HQ commentary today. When AN cohost Eric Shawn asked the former Washington Times NY bureau chief how the media report card was for their coverage of the Egyptian protests, she replied, It's not very good. [Especially,Nov 13, 2015  By contrast, Fox News contributor Liz Trotta delivered a commentary on Sunday berating women in the military for complaining that they get raped too much (Trotta did not define what an acceptable amount of rape is). The news that triggered this revolting commentary was a Pentagon report that rape and sexual assault had increased 64, a liz trotta commentary today

Mar 16, 2014  Fox: Right wing talk radio with pictures and video. Her comments regarding women in the service (WRT rape) were abhorrent, disrespectful, lacked any empirical evidence to back her claims (opinion), and were served up to the Fox demographic of aging complainers who

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Mar 09, 2014 I saw the commentary by Liz Trotta on Fox this morning and was was amazed at the extent to which she was able to cover 'almost' every aspect of America's decline (the why's and how's) in just a few short minutes! I was surprised to see it up on youtube already. Looking around the Internet. . it seems that I wasn't the only one that was impressed!

Mar 09, 2014 via YouTube Capture. Meet The Woman Who Learned That Her Mother Passed As White Megyn Kelly TODAY Duration: 10: 11. TODAY 10, 680, 030 views

Mar 12, 2017 Liz Trotta biography, commentary, instagram, twitter, interview, wiki, fox news, net worth Liz Trotta is an American journalist and a conservative commentator of Fox News She does not talk much about her personal life and it is not clear if she ever got married or not

Aug 18, 2013  So says Liz Trotta in her Sunday commentary today on Fox News. Mr. Putin, the former KGB agent who has outfoxed and outplayed President Obama at every turn must be as happy as well, a homosexual at a gay kissin, continued Ms. Trotta.

Jul 24, 2012 By contrast, Fox News contributor Liz Trotta delivered a commentary on Sunday berating women in the military for complaining that they get raped too often. (Trotta did not define what an

During her Saturday commentary segment today, Trotta noted that you can expect more of the same from editor Tina Brown, who peddles in the lowest of the low and is desperate to

Trotta apologized the next day. A petition demanding that Trotta be fired was soon up on Care2 gathering over 14, 000 signatures. In October 2011, Liz Trotta mocked the participants in Occupy Wall Street for being people who like good weather , and who spout the ravings of what sounds like the Unabomber.

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Liz Trotta net worth, biography, husband, website, commentary, fox news Born on March 28, 1937 to father Gaetano Thomas Trotta and mother Lillian Theresa Mazzacane in New Haven situated in Connecticut, Elizabeth Trotta spent most of her childhood days growing up with her sister Mary L. Juba in New Haven. She is American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

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