Comments on youtube not loading

2020-01-19 20:56

May 21, 2016 FIX YouTube Comments Not Showing Up COMMENTS NOT DISPLAYING BELOW VIDEOS? Not able to see comments on YouTube Not able to see YouTube commentsCan't see oApr 27, 2013 This happened not too long ago to me. But when I click on a video, the video loads perfectly fine but not the comments, it just says that the comments are loading forever. I tried to reload the page and I had no luck. It's getting a bit annoying, does anyone have any advise? comments on youtube not loading

Jul 03, 2018  This depends on a channels comment policy. Several channels want to have comment approved before they are shown to the public. So if the channel manager doesnt confirm your comment it wont show up in the comment section. And there are also chan

Comments on youtube not loading free

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Jun 26, 2018 Youtube App in ios loads comments though. level 1. cyc2u. 1 point 1 year ago. Same here. I found this by googling youtube comments not showing . Its probably a random glitch. It'll be fixed soon. But these things are annoying. The internet isn't new. Stupid stuff like this should not happen in 2018, or back in 2010. Or 95 lol.

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