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John 14: 27 Peace I leave with you Christ being about to die and leave his disciples, makes his last will and testament, and as the best legacy he could leave them, bequeaths peace unto them;John 14: 27. God's peace is a deep, spiritual peace unaffected by the world (Romans 8: 69). We can have this peace, if we truly trust in God's redemptive plan for mankind, are striving to produce His character and are obedient to His Word. john 14 27 commentary

John 14: 27. Peace be unto you! was, and is, the common Eastern salutation, both in meeting and in parting. It carries us back to a state of society in which every stranger might be an enemy. It is a confession of the deep unrest of the human heart.

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NIV Application Commentary John 14: 2730. Resources NIV Application Commentary John 14: 2730. John 14: 2730 Peace refers to the Hebrew greeting shalom and for Jesus refers to the aim of his work on earth: to restore the equilibrium and richness of humanitys relationship with God. Nothing in the world can offer such a

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Sermon Bible Commentary. John 14: 27. These are musical words, but the music is not of earth alone. They touch a strain above the world. In their Divine consciousness of vast spiritual power, in their farness from the strife and trouble of men, they are of that true supernatural which abides in the secret of God

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