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2019-12-07 11:09

Dec 27, 2018  Clickjacking Bug in the Mobile Version of Facebooks Sharing PopUp Discovered. In addition to the privacy scandals, Facebook has also been targeted by threat actors, with malware campaigns successfully exploiting the network and its users.A security professional exposed to a spam campaign on Facebook discovered the method used by the perpetrator and submitted a report through the company's bug bounty program. The issue still exists clickjacking facebook comment

The submit button is carefully placed on top of the comment button. By clicking on it, I would be submitting text to my Facebook wall with text that is supplied by the scammer's website. and sure enough, once I hit submit, here is the comment that is posted to my Facebook page: Classic case of clickjacking! That's not the end of it though!

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May 31, 2012  Here are two common forms of clickjacking that we have noted on Facebook. Wall Posts Redirects to Several Pages. Users may encounter a post on their Facebook feed about a supposed video of a celebrity, browser extension, or a contests. Instead of seeing the content promised in the description, they are redirected to several other pages until they land on a Web page that asks for personal

Clickjacking. How do I deal with spam? On other occasions, scammers gain access to people's Facebook accounts, which are then used to send out spam. If you clicked on something that turned out to be spam or your account is creating unwanted posts, events, groups or Pages, try these steps:

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Jan 04, 2019 The clickjacking attack introduced in 2002 is a UI Redressing attack in which a web page loads another webpage in a low opacity iframe, and cause changes of state when the user unknowingly clicks on the buttons of the webpage.

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