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2020-01-19 19:36

Displays the HTML content for reply to comment link.Recently, one of our users asked us how to change the Reply text in WordPress comments. By default, most WordPress sites have a reply button below comments so that users can respond to a comment. In this article, we will show you how to easily change the Reply text in WordPress comments reply to comments in wordpress

Dec 26, 2016  When youve written your comment, click the Reply button or alternatively, click Cancel to stop replying and cancel your editing. The editor that appears when replying or editing a comment (using either the Reply, Quick Edit or Edit links) is much like the editor when creating or editing a Page or Post, only not as intuitive. At the top of

Reply to comments in wordpress free

Aug 26, 2019  thanks for sharing the best information about best commenting plugins for wordpress and suggestions they very useful to us. You made a good site its very interesting and thank you so much for sharing I am searching in many sites for the solutions I get from this site.

WordPress 4. 4 Warning. This plugin uses the wpinsertcomment hook, therefore, everytime a comment is created, a notification is likely to be sent. If you are importing comments into your blog, its a good idea to disable this plugin. Customizing the email template

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Or, just reply with a response and the comment will be approved and the reply posts, all without touching WordPress. Comment Intelligence Replyable recognizes the quality and relevance of comments and only sends the best to people who have subscribed. Comment content is scored for relevance, length, reading level, and sentiment.

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