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) Settings Discussion enable Show comments cookies optin checkbox. ) After activating checkbox will show on comments form like this. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thats it. If you want to customize this checkbox field, you can use this code.Oct 04, 2018 Find out how to disable comments in WordPress. In this tutorial, we present how to disable comments completely (sitewide) or just for specific posts or pages. Step by step. Everything done in WordPress settings optional plugins. Beginnerfriendly advice. wordpress show comments in loop

How To Display A Custom Comments Loop This tutorial provides the code you simply copy and paste into your functions file to display any comments anywhere in any theme. One example would be to display comments on the home or front page of your site.

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The WordPress Loop is the code that WordPress uses to display content on your website. Take your index. php template, for example. In a basic blogging theme, this template is generally used to display several posts or post excerpts on your home page.

5 Adding Read More and Comment link to the WordPress post Loop: I havent added the read more and comment link in the end of the post loop, you can do this by calling the link of the post in the read more button and doing same with the comments too, ie calling the comment div link.

The Loop is the main process of WordPress. You use The Loop in your template files to show posts to visitors. You could make templates without The Loop, but you could only display data from one post. Before The Loop goes into action, WordPress verifies that all the files it needs are present.

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I need to get posts done by specific users and get also comments done to these posts, so far I can get the posts and comments but can't get how to do it in loop properly, because now I get the same comments displayed for each post no matter to which posts they actually belong to

Jan 11, 2015 If you're building user profiles you may want to show a particular user's comments, or comments related to a user's favorited articles. How WPCommentQuery Works. A comment query is usually used in conjunction with a loop that lists the comments that are retrieved. A full implementation of a query and loop would look something like this:

Jul 23, 2009 Comments sections are neglected on many blogs. That is definitely a bad thing, because comments represent interaction between you and your readers. In this article, we'll have a look at 10 great tips and hacks to enhance your blog's comments section and give it the quality it deserves.

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Feb 12, 2013 It worked really well, when there was only one post. It worked with only one post because I was displaying the comments template OUTSIDE the loop. But with multiple posts, the comments template must be inside the loop, however, when you put the comments template reference in the loop it doesn't fire, meaning the template isn't displayed!

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