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The importance of prudence in delivering truth, Matthew 16: 21. It should be welltimed it should be when people are prepared to receive it. It should be welltimed itBiblical Commentary (Bible study) Matthew 16: 2128. EXEGESIS: MATTHEW 16. THE CONTEXT. This reading is closely tied to verses 1320, last weeks Gospel lesson. In verse 16, Peter confessed his faith that Jesus was the messiah, the Son of God. Now Jesus shows him matthew 16 21 commentary

(Read Matthew 16: 2123) Christ reveals his mind to his people gradually. From that time, when the apostles had made the full confession of Christ, that he was

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Matthew 21: 16. , etc. : the holy men attack the least objectionable phenomenon because they could do so safely; not the enthusiasm of the crowd, the Messianic homage, the act of zeal, all deeply offensive to them, but the innocent shouts of children echoing the cry of seniors. They were forsooth unseemly in such a place!

Read Matthew 16 commentary using Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete). Study the bible online using commentary on Matthew 16 and more! Toggle navigation. Rev. 21: 14. Now Peter being that apostle by whose hand the first stones of the church were laid, both in

Matthew 21: 16. And said unto him, hearest thou what these say? & c. Suggesting, that if he did, he ought to reprove them, or else he would be a very vain, as well as a weak man, to take such things to himself, which did not belong to him, and that from such poor, little, silly creatures, so

Biblical Commentary (Bible study) Matthew 6: 16, 1621 EXEGESIS: MATTHEW 57. THE CONTEXT. Chapters 57 of Matthews Gospel are known as the Sermon on the Mount, and constitute a large body of Jesus teachings.

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Schaff's Popular Commentary on the New Testament. Matthew 16: 21. From that time began Jesus. The confession prepared them for the revelation. We infer that He spoke often and familiarly on this topic, to prepare them for their own trials, and to impress upon them the truth they deemed so strange.

Matthew 16: 2123 Like Peter, we could be motivated to believe or disbelieve something, accept or reject something, say something or keep silent, depending on the circumstance. Additionally, we may have no reaction at all at the moment of communication, but the thought is stored and available for later use or supplementation.

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Benson Commentary Matthew 16: 21. From that time forth When they had made that full confession of Christ that he was the Messiah, the Son of God; began Jesus to show unto his disciples Another most important point, namely, that he must suffer and be put to death, as a malefactor.

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